Your Expensive Pet Food is Probably Killing Your Dog

By: Robert Meer


Pet food used to be purely economic. But healthy eaters aren’t overlooking their dogs, and it’s costing more than money.

Since 2015, sales are up a whopping 70%. Not because people are buying more food, but food prices are merely reflecting how lavish pet food has become.

New pet gourmet options like Kobe Master: beef with Wagyu beef, steamed wild alaskan salmon appetizer in a delicate broth, and grandma’s chicken soup.

Again, this is all dog food. And the irony behind this healthy vail, is that they might be putting dogs at risk for heart disease.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has published a study warning dog owners of a possible link between some dog food and the cardiac condition dilated cardiomyopathy.

Their 2018 report noted these foods as commonly labeled “grain-free.” These are foods that contain peas, lentils, and other legumes as their main ingredient.

The FDA has called out 16 brands:

1. Acana

2. Zignature

3. Taste of the Wild

4. 4Health

5. Earthborn Holistic

6. Blue Buffalo

7. Nature’s Domain

8. Fromm

9. Merrick

10. California Natural

11. Natural Balance

12. Orijen

13. Nature’s Variety

14. NutriSource

15. Nutro

16. Rachael Ray Nutrish

The top seven are where the most commonly reported cases of heart diseases were. But in a case of last being first, Nutrish has to be my favorite name.

The FDA Director of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Steven M. Solomon, admits that they are not sure yet what is in these food brands that is causing the heart disease.

He has said though that they have shared the reports with these companies marketing firms.

So maybe you will hear from them….but probably not.

General Mills, the maker of Blue Buffalo and sixth on the list of potential heart disease providers, reported a 38% surge in their pet division. This gives them a very lovely 82% operating profit.

When it comes to our dogs health, we all want them to live as long and healthy as possible. But expensive food might not be any better for them, and it could be making their health worse.

So in the light of uncertainty, maybe it’s time we just un-complicate things and go back to Costco bulk, where all the sane people are.

By: Robert Meer


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